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Long-Term Lodging

The Redlight offers 1 to 4 months stays for J-1 workers as well as others wanting to stay in Truckee.  We are only accepting individual applicants for bunks in our shared female and male dorms. Space is limited and private rooms are not available. We do not accept group applications.

The Dorm:

The shared dorm environment offers minimal space for excess luggage. Although we try to accommodate people’s baggage, please be aware of space limitations. The beds are xl twins.

Beds must be available to housekeeping staff for once per week cleaning. We try to keep dorm rooms tidy with the floor free of personal items.
Each bunk comes with:

- Linens / bedding
- Bath towel
- Bed cleanings - once per week
- All utilities
- Wifi
- Communal kitchen and dining area
- Sun decks
- Beer, wine and snack bar (charges apply)
- Dry sauna
- Library
- Communal movie room
- Laundry service (ask for rates)

The Environment, Community and Are You a Good Fit?:

The Redlight is both a communal environment as well as a business. The Redlight offers a comfortable setting with international diversity for short-term and long-term guests, as well as a public lounge in the front of the building for reception.

We are looking for solo travelers who want to meet people from all over, immerse themselves in local culture and be a part of the Redlight community as well as help us with the business.

Respect and cleanliness are paramount in this group setting. Members of the community MUST clean up after themselves (and others) and may have to compromise their personal behavior for the comfort of the community. This is a social community living project.

Rules are strict for long-term renters. We close the communal kitchen, dining and movie room at 10:30 pm. No drugs, no guns, no bullying, no drama, excessive noise etc. Although we do have occasional parties, this is NOT a party house. Renters must have clean personal hygiene and wash their clothes on a regular basis. Heavy drinkers / smokers are not tolerated. Long-term renters must have a job/vocation/ambition and must not hang out all day inside doing nothing, watching TV, etc. Renters must have a personality that is agreeable with others.

Positive energy, motivation, curiosity and creativity are adjectives that describe our guests. Integration of interests makes up our community. It is best if you share at LEAST one interest listed below or you have comparable interests.


You must have something to offer for the community. What are your talents?

The Redlight has a house dog (Moki) on site; if you have pet allergies/phobias, our accommodations will not work for you. The Redlight also has an Australian Python and hermit crabs that visit on select evenings.

We also have photos online here.

The Rules:

The Redlight requires that all guests keep their accommodations tidy and respect the business' quiet hours in designated spaces. We require the following and then some:

- Shirt, bottoms, shoes and/or socks in the building at all times
- No bare feet on couches or in the hallways
- No food or alcohol in bunk rooms
- No music played on speakers / use of headphones required in common areas, bedrooms, etc.
- If you listen to music while in the shower, it must be quiet and non-violent.
- No downloading of illegal material online or the ISP turns off our internet
- All dishes, pots and pans must be cleaned promptly after use. All dishes must be cleaned and not just left in the sink. We have a 3 basin sink and are happy to show you how to disinfect your dishes properly.
- No phone calls in bunk rooms; sound on phones must be turned off while texting
- No after hours partying
- No smoking within 25 feet of the building
- Guests clean up after themselves in a timely manner. This includes bathrooms too.
- Guests may not bring food or drink into our bar/lounge during open bar hours.
*For more complete rules, please read our Rules page from the link below.

Volunteer Potential:

We offer opportunities to reduce your rent through doing work with the Redlight. However, you should be able to come up with your own rent through your own income and should not rely on the Redlight for work to take care of payment for the duration of your stay.

We may require 0 - 3  hours of housework each week (in exchange for some of the lodging) for all long-term guests. This includes cleaning the kitchen, bathrooms and bunks, laundry and snow shoveling. Long-term tenants must make themselves available for these chores.

If you are interested in longer term, part-time work exchange (14 - 28 hours per week and you must have flexibility on hours), please let us know.


Each person is required to pay $725 cash in advance for the first 30 nights stay and $625 cash for each additional month, provided cash payments are made on time. A reservation may require a credit card authorization. Renewal payments must be made before the beginning of each month term, or the monthly rate returns to $725 with only a maximum of 4 days as an extension. Failure for a long-term guest to pay in a timely manner will result in termination of long-term guest status, after which the nightly rate returns to listed nightly rate.

Monthly renters have a one-week trial period. If you would like to end the agreement for any reason, Redlight refunds the monthly fee, but charges you $50/night (including TOT) for the time you stayed. If a guest is unable to follow Redlight rules at any time after the one-week trial, the guest may be ejected without refund.


The 2 forms for application are the links below. We may also require a phone / Skype interview. Applications must be sent to the email below. Payment or credit card authorization reserves approved long-term guests.

 Redlight long term guest application
 Redlight House Rules

Let me know if you have any questions.
Thank you,

Abby & Zach

Telephone: USA: (530) 536-0005

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